A Juvenile Diabetic’s Emergency Kit

An emergency or first aid kit can be found in almost any home. But in a home where a child lives with juvenile diabetes there needs to be additional supplies for their needs. In addition to an at-home emergency kit, a child with diabetes should carry a portable kit with supplies with them at all times.

There are going to be times when your child is going to need help to manage their diabetes and it may be an emergency situation because their blood sugar has dropped dangerously low. Your child should be wearing identification that advises everyone that they are diabetic and are taking insulin and a kit with the supplies needed to help them.

The kit should include instructions on what to do in case of an emergency and numbers to call (parents and health care providers). In addition glucose tablets, fast-acting food stuff should be included to raise your child’s blood sugar quickly. Good examples of these are juice boxes and hard candies. You should include a snack that is considered long-acting too. Something that will keep for a long time such as a granola bar is a convenient item to have. This is for situations where your child should be eating their next meal but unavoidably does not have access to food (in the car during a traffic jam or out with friends).

For your home emergency kit, you should include a means to keep your child’s insulin cold in the case of a prolonged power outage. A small cooler will work nicely for this. It is also a good idea to always have extra insulin on hand. Do not wait until you are out to pick up more, you never know when an emergency can happen that would prevent your from getting some – be prepared.

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