Why You Need to Increase Protein to Drop Weight

Image of woman with healthy body measuring her waist after weight loss

Whether you’re trying to lose those last few kilos in the lead up to your wedding day, hoping to get in better shape for a summer getaway or working to boost your overall health by reducing your waistline, an increase in protein intake is a key factor in successful weight loss. Often overlooked in favour … Read more

Smart Ways To Save On Diabetic Products

The cost of having diabetes is financially draining. From buying a blood glucose meter to maintaining an ample supply of insulin, expenses just keep on adding up. You spend a few thousand dollars on test strips in one year alone and that still does not include expenses on blood monitoring supplies like glucometer that may … Read more

Pre Diabetes

Type II Diabetes has become somewhat of an epidemic of late. More and more people are being diagnosed with this potentially life threatening condition. Type II Diabetes usually sets on later in life, although more younger people are being diagnosed every day with this disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 54 million people … Read more

Medications That Treat Diabetes

Currently, there are many different medications that treat diabetes. Most people who are diagnosed with Type II diabetes are given medication instead of insulin. In most cases, a combination of drugs are used. These drugs work with the body to increase insulin production and make it easier for the body to eliminate glucose. Sulfonylureas are … Read more

Juvenile Diabetes and the Honeymoon Period

In many children with juvenile diabetes a period occurs shortly after being diagnosed they go through what is commonly called as the honeymoon period. This is a time when your child’s blood sugar levels will return to normal without the aid of additional insulin. It is important to remember that this happens in a lot … Read more

Insulin Pumps for Juvenile Diabetics

A popular alternative, especially for teenagers, to daily insulin injections is to use an insulin pump. Although it is an alternative for everyone because of the high cost of the unit and having to wear it 24 hours per day for others it can help in successfully managing juvenile diabetes. An insulin pump is worn … Read more

How is Gestational Diabetes Diagnosed

Each month of your pregnancy you should have a prenatal exam by your health care provider. During your visit to the office or clinic you will provide a urine sample to the nurse. Amongst other things, the doctor or midwife wants to determine if there is in glucose in your urine. If your body is … Read more

High Glycemic Foods

In 1981, Dr. David Jenkins of the University of Toronto came up with a ranking system for carbohydrates based upon how long it takes them to break down into the system. Some carbohydrates break down very slowly and those release glucose gradually into the bloodstream and have a low glycemic index. For people who are … Read more